Weymouth College Stonemasonry Ex Student Alumni Network

Stonemasonry students from Weymouth College and South Dorset Technical College

WeyBack is a new network of former students from Weymouth College and South Dorset Technical College (or ‘alumni’). We are trying to celebrate the huge community of professionals who continue to advise and inspire current Weymouth College students as they make important decisions about their futures.
From time to time ex-students will be interviewed or referred to on the website where students can research the different career paths that people from their very school have gone on to take. They also get involved in department events, big and small, where they can meet current students in person and share their experiences since they left the College (one year or decades ago!)
As you will see from the various articles and links Weymouth students go on to do amazing jobs locally and all around the world.  Whatever you are up to it would be great to hear from you.

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