The sun came out for this year’s packed trip to Portland. Richard Mortimer took the students down memory lane to see the old railway, The Merchant incline (Vern Hill), St Georges Church – Churches Conservation Trust and the cemetery, look out over East Weares (Grove Cliff near the old rifle butts) and Portland Castle.  Lunch was enjoyed at the Lobster Pot at Portland Bill.

Above all, thanks go to Albion Stone plc for a fantastic visit to their mine, quarry and factory.  They extract Portland stone from the Basebed, Whitbed and Roach seams. Banqueting House and St Paul’€™s Cathedral are made of Portland limestone!.  There were too many people to thank but we’ve made an attempt at the end of this post.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words..

Weymouth College students visiting the mine at Albion Stone plc

Weymouth College students entering the mine at Albion Stone plc, led by veteran Mark Godden (Quarry and Mine Manager)

Mine at Albion Stone plc, Portland - Weymouth College Stonemasonry

Italian saw in operation at the at Albion Stone plc, Portland.  Whilst getting this up and close demonstration, Weymouth College Stonemasonry students realised they  were standing under St George’s cricket ground!

Drawing Office and Project Managemetn Team - Weymouth College Stonemasonry

The Project Management Team showed Weymouth College Stonemasonry students around the Drawing Office.  They were shown comprehensive ways of incorporating job cards into the production process.  Discussion lead on to the benefits of new technologies such as AutoCAD but not without a traditional grounding in draftsmanship, a sound knowledge of stonemasonry  and the material of stone itself.

Quarry face - Weymouth College Stonemasonry

The last remaining stone being extracted from the quarry face – Weymouth Stonemasonry Visit 2015.

Albion Stone plc Factory - Weymouth College Stonemasonry

A stone block being sawn at the Albion Stone plc Factory – Weymouth College Stonemasonry visit 2015.

Mine at Albion Stone plc - Weymouth College Stonemasonry visit

Another view from the mine at Albion Stone plc – Weymouth College Stonemasonry visit 2015.

Mark Godden - Quarry and Mine Manager - Albion Stone mine visit

Mark Godden (Quarry and Mine Manager) explaining the quality control procedures, process of marking out stone to be removed and the continuous surveying operation.

Portland Marina - stone supplied by Albion Stone

The group stopping at Portland Castle to look out at the Portland Marina (stone supplied by Albion Stone).

Thank you

Drawing office:
David Williams (Project Manager) and everyone else in the Drawing Office including David Rod, Steve Lelliot and Steve Woodward.

Neville Mort (Factory Manager) and Martin Green (Factory Foreman) including Stuart Hudgell (who had the unenviable task of showing us around the factory), John Mayo (Planer), Nick Robins (Forklift Operator, masons in the banker shop including Damien Briggs, Julian Sparrow, Royce Wilms and Yasmin Impson – all ex-Weymouth College students and anyone else we forgot to mention, sorry!

Front Office:
Kelly Matthews and Sarah Eames for providing high vis and welcomign us.

Quarry and Mine:
A last but by no means least, Mark Godden (Quarry and Mine Manager) who took time out of his busy schedule running the busy day-to-day operations in the quarries and mine to show us around the sites. Thanks also to all the miners and quarrymen who managed to navigate around us.

Thanks to all the Weymouth College Stonemasonry students for behaving responsibly and actively participating in all discussions. Special thanks to Michelle Ryan, a Stonemasonry Diploma Level 2 student, for taking some great photos!