Weymouth College Stonemasonry - Salisbury Cathedral Trip

Weymouth College Stonemasonry – Salisbury Cathedral Trip 2015.  From left to right: Joe Milne (Dip L2), Lee Andrews (Salisbury), Andrew Smith (Dip L2), Cameron Lythgoe (FdSc Yr 1), Lewis Killiner (FdSc Yr 1) Peter Loizou (Lecturer), Kingsley Longfoot (Dip L2), Keiran Johnson (Dip L2), Tom Finan (Dip L2), John Walkginton (Dip L2), Sean Garrett (Dip L2), James Stewart (Dip L2), Jeremy Hill (Dip L2)

Weymouth College Stonemasonry Salisbury Cathedral Trip 2015

Lee Andrews takes Weymouth College students around the various workshops at Salisbury Cathedral

On 4th March Lecturers, Peter Loizou and Phil Scorer, escorted students to Salisbury Cathedral. It was a fantastic visit including a tour above the vaulting and into the spire. They then had a tour of the works department led by Lee Andrews, an ex-student of Weymouth College.  It gave students an invaluable insight into many aspects of the job, including pulling details from architectural drawings, methods of marking up, setting out a 4-m length of blind tracery, comprehensive stone scheduling, cutting with a saw and banker work.

Weymouth College Stonemasonry Salisbury Cathedral Roll Moulding

Example of a double springer (part of a parapet wall) being worked in Chicksgrove at the Works Dept. in Salisbury Cathedral. A springer is the term for the lowest stone on each side of an arch. It is where the vertical support for the arch terminates and the curve of the arch begins.

Congratulations to Lee Andrews not only for a brilliant day but also, rather belatedly!!, for being selected to undertake a two-year specialist heritage stonemason course. He was chosen by the Cathedrals’ Workshop Fellowship (CWF) management group to join the next Foundation PDP stonemasonry course which begun in in September. Only seven people are chosen to do the course every two years from across the UK! Read more here >>